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MACCRIM Solutions Marketing Systems is a tactically focused strategic driver of collaborative customer sales acquisitions. We provide exemplary service to our clients with passion, expertise and integrity through innovative thinking and effective communications. Our ultimate goal: Profitable sales and client care. The company core values are to convey information that reflects truth and transparency; Is fair to all concerned; That will build good will and friendship, and is mutually beneficial to all concerned.

Richard Michaels

Chief Executive Office

Mr. Michaels is founder and CEO of MACCRIM Solutions Marketing Systems - with over 25 years of marketing and sales experience he works with community-based business partners, groups, associations and individual clients to facilitate the creation and managing of innovative new business development with long term strategic marketing and sales initiatives. Mr. Michaels' collaborative, creative and detailed marketing and sales initiatives support his client's successful growth. Richard's talents and approach have enabled him to be a partner with his clients as well as meet and exceed their sales expectations.

Richard has served as President of the Kiwanis Club of Victoria, a board member of the Victoria Cool Aid Society, a member of the Gordonhead Lions Club and as a Provincial Emergency Program Coordinator, as well as various other community based services. He is an active member of the Victoria Rotary Club and Victoria Chamber of Commerce.

Richard is a naval veteran who served his tenure in Sardinia, Italy. He has lived in Victoria BC for 27 years.

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